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The 40 Day Challenge team are in the heart of their challenge. Fire. The opportunity to burn impurities in the body that cause stagnation, procrastination and irritability. It is the time of year where we can all gain the benefits of fire within us, to burn through resistance and make the decision to take affirmative action in areas of our life that could really benefit from it.

The things is though, familiarity is comfortable. Sometimes too comfortable. We have a tendency to get stuck in habits purely because its something that we know. It can be scary to make drastic changes to your life, even though you know it will serve you. So start small, sometimes its the smallest steps that have the biggest impact. They slowly give you the confidence and motivation to climb the ladder and add more change and personal value to your life. Use these 6 tips to make a small positive change in your life and enjoy the freedom and benefits you receive from it
  1. Choose a cupboard. ANY cupboard. And give it the clean out you know it needs.
    • Take a mental note of the feeling of completing the task.
  2. Start a daily meditation ritual. Even if it is just 5 mins per day
    • Journal each meditation experience.
  3. MOVE YOUR BODY. If this is a weak point for you start with a 20-30 min walk 3 x weekly
    • Movement will inspire you to keep track of your personal progress and changes.
  4. Add more healthy practices into your everyday life.
    • Substitute things that make you feel sluggish that will enable your body and mind to perform better
    • i.e: water for soda, bliss balls (small healthy treats) for chocolate or cake etc
  5. Take action! especially on the days when you have scheduled something positive in your diary, For example a walk. GET UP AND DO IT. You will feel so much better for doing something as opposed to nothing.
  6. Go easy on yourself. Change can be a difficult process but is necessary to inspire you and assist you on your path of growth and transformation.

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