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How many times have you told yourself “I’ll make that change when…..” and “When” never comes? We often give ourselves ultimatums, only ever telling ourselves that we will commit to something once something else is in place. This is the perfect path to procrastination. We are creatures of habit, therefore we like things to remain the same, even if we’re not happy with the way they are, just to avoid making any change in our lives. Change can feel scary but the truth is that change occurs in every moment of every day!

Change is what inspires us. It lets us grow and creates new opportunities. Think about the journey you take to work every day – you catch the same train, you stop at the same cafe, you walk down the same street. Soon enough everything becomes the same. The people you sit near, the taste of your morning coffee, the buildings that surround you and you stop looking around your environment to see what’s new because you already know what’s there. What if on that daily journey you made just one change every day? A different cafe – maybe a friendlier barista that sends you off with a smile. A different street – New architecture to look at to inspire curiosity and creativity. A new playlist – One with no lyrics so it inspires you for a productive day ahead. There are opportunities in each and every day to make some kind of change to your daily routine so it’s a little less ground hog and a little more inspiring to continue the change in other areas of your life.

Habits occur in many areas of our lives. One of the biggest areas that we often see habits and implement the idea to change them is in our lifestyle choices; the food we eat, exercise regime, making time for ourselves. We tend to quickly go back to where we started because that life was a little more comfortable.
It is known to take up to 4 weeks of systematic practice before the change is integrated into your daily life. It is an ongoing commitment each day to do one thing towards that change to receive lasting results. This sustained commitment provides a unique and powerful opportunity to live a more inspired life so that each day is less likely to be a Groundhog Day and more likely a journey to create the change you have been searching for.

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