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Often I find myself feeling like I’m living on a tightrope between brilliance and ignorance, one moment feeling amazing and then the next like a failure or even both simultaneously. Striving for balance with me can come in many forms such as diet, state of mind, home to work and so on.

There is a perception when on the yogic path to be calm, at peace and in order, which is quite a misconception. In fact I’ve come to realise the more I learn, the more I seemingly don’t know.

Attachment to any expectations plays out for me. When I’m committed to living consciously I’m highly attuned to all areas of my life but still in times of feeling in balance, I may feel the disorder around. For me this could be perhaps the morning meditation I didn’t sit for or the old way of relating to myself has come up. There can be many triggers but the more sensitive I become, the more I realise there is nowhere to hide.

Over time I’ve become ‘ok’ with feeling amazing while everything is seemingly failing, because I’ve learned to remain conscious of the fact that everything is falling into its divine order.

When I’m feeling adversely, I can sit with the feeling and be ‘ok’ because I now accept these two polarities of brilliance and ignorance are playing out all the time. I am open to learning from different perspectives and trust that all is playing out just as it should. I am ok that I may not look like the yogi pictured on that Instagram post. I am ok that sometimes I am the eye in the storm of chaos because with every breath in every moment in which I surrender, receive and release, I. AM. more than OK.

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