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Why Cancer?

Since returning from India two years ago to my hometown Sydney, I have been looking for a place to commit some volunteer work.  Prior to moving to Nagpur, India I was teaching meditation to the homeless at Surry Hills, Mission Australia.  I recall this being one of my most fear filled moments.  I didn’t know what it was like to be homeless?  I felt like a fraud going to teach meditation not being able to relate to my audience.  I have always been fascinated by homeless people, I’m intrigued by their stories.  How they came to be homeless? How they survive? Where are their families? and the list goes on.   After two years of teaching meditation at this centre I soon realised I had something to share and equally I had plenty to learn from these inspiring beings.

In the last two years whilst I was re-establishing my place in Sydney, I was missing this service.  A little over a year ago I was introduced to someone suffering from a severe case of cancer, she was at the tail end of this awful disease.  I’d worked with people suffering from terminal illnesses and I knew I could help.  After six weeks of consistent yoga and meditation this woman who at first was understandably very angry, frustrated and bitter, slowly became more accepting, loving and forgiving.  She was able to meet her imminent death with a little more grace.  Her strength and power astounded me.  Since this experience and witnessing my father, relatives and friends battle with this disease it became very clear this is where my service needs to be.

Earlier this year I met a delightful human being, Angie Cowen.  Angie is an inspiring woman and an amazing gluten free caterer.  On our first encounter the idea to create an event to inspire, educate and nourish women was instantly born.  It was as if it was already in the making before we met.  Over the last few months it has proven to be one of the biggest tasks I have ever taken on, and I know for Angie too.  It is bigger than we ever imagined.  Our intention is exceptionally heart felt and has attracted the most amazing and inspiring people to take part in its development.  We have been through times of doubt and question as any creator would, it is these times that have given us amazing opportunities to GROW and CONNECT.

I am immensely proud of this collaboration with Angie.  The ‘Ladies at Lunch – in Pink’ event will be held on 21st September, 2013 at Leichhardt Town Hall.  Every mother, daughter, sister who attends are going to walk away from this event feeling empowered and inspired.  This is no ordinary fundraiser, this event will be an annual event that will open pathways for our future generations in overcoming dis-ease and building our wellness community.

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