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Mina’s Tiramisu – The Ultimate Pick Me Up!


This has been one of my absolute FAVOURITE deserts since I began to drink coffee at the tender age of 5 yrs.  Ha ha, well I was more like 13 when I began to eat this desert but my dad never held back on sharing coffee or alcohol with us during our younger years, sips that is!  This really demystified the lure to coffee & alcohol as a teenager.   Rather it was something to respect and enjoy.  Hence my siblings and I haven’t become alcoholics from it but happily appreciate home made wine and a good brew of homemade coffee.  In sharing this I have not drunk coffee all year this 2015 but I do accept it lovingly in a dessert like this one!

This is the ULTIMATE pick me up because it simply does ELEVATE you – it could very well be the coffee or the texture or the fact this special recipe is Gluten Free & Refined Sugar Free

I happily enjoyed over Easter and its elevation!

Here it is:


2 x 150g Savioardi Schoar biscuits (I get these from Bossley park General Store & Deli)


1 egg per 100g of marscapone

4 tbs of 100% organic coconut sugar

12 cups of italian percolated coffee (I use Illy)

Tia Maria (optional)

Organic Cacao chocolate + 2 the coconut sugar (milled together)



1. Separate egg yolks from whites – keep whites

2. In a mixer mix on high egg yolks + add coconut sugar gradually

3. Once blended well gradually add marscapone until smooth. Set aside.

4. Beat on high egg whites + add 2 tbs coconut sugar until they form soft peaks.  Fold eggs whites into marscapone and mix gently

5. Prepare a square tray or dish (with lid is ideal like featured) Have your milled cocoa + sugar + cold coffee ready to go. (+ Tia Maria if using) + biscuits

6. Dip one whole biscuit into coffee and fill one layer of the dish with biscuits like this.

7. Cover a layer with marscapone (enough to cover biscuits)

8. Top with chocolate mix

9. Continue layers like this until dish is full.  Finish last layer with enough marscapone + chocolate to decorate

10. Refrigerate for at least 6 hours

Serve with love Romina x

(this recipe has been shared through our family for generations, I adapted it from my cousins Linda)

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  1. Emma

    Come over anytime and make it in my kitchen 😉