Our Teachers


Romina Di Federico

Romina Di Federico is an internationally accredited Yoga and Meditation teacher and is recognised and respected as one of Yoga Australia’s senior yoga teachers. Romina has been practicing yoga for the past 20 years and teaching since she graduated from Yoga Arts in 2004.

Romina’s classes are creative expressions of breath and movement. She’ll encourage you to move intuitively, guide you to channel your energy positively and inspire you to live with absolute authenticity and grace. She designs her classes to align with each season and applies her knowledge of Ayurveda and pranayama to ensure you remain in your flow. In all her work Romina is passionate about helping people to transform and to open hearts and minds to all that is possible through the practice of yoga.

Currently based in Sydney, Romina runs regular
retreats, workshops, private sessions, courses, corporate classes specialising in the fusion of traditional practices, like Hatha, Ivengar and Ashtanga.

Check out Romina’s schedule here for upcoming Sydney retreats or India Retreat.

If you’re seeking to transform and open your heart and mind contact Romina today.


Kelsey Henrickson

Kelsey has been practicing and living her yoga since 2006, first in Boston, then in New York City and now in Sydney.  Kelsey is an ISHTA trained and certified Hatha and Yin yoga teacher as well as a practicing yoga therapist.  (ISHTA is a New York City based studio that draws on the principles of Hatha, Tantra and Ayurveda to inform its practices.)

Her passion is to make yoga work to suit your unique needs as a person and she encourages students to delve into their practice as a self study, to be continually checking in with what works for them.  Her classes include a mixture of breath awareness, mindfulness practices and a little philosophy, all delivered with a down to earth and playful attitude. 

Kelsey hopes that by sharing the practice of yoga, she can lead others on their own journey of self-discovery, transformation and appreciation for the natural beauty of life.  

 She looks forward to meeting you!  See you on the mat.


Caitanya Ballabha Das

Caitanya embraces the tradition of Hatha yoga and Vedic culture. The holistic approach is to always treat the body as whole – physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. His internal journey began when he first met his Hatha yoga teachers Caru Chandra and Sudevi Sundari in 2006. 

This led to travel to India where he studied ashrama life, studying philosophy, yogic life and his special interest included Ayurveda the science of health and well being, cooking and detoxing. 

Caitanya  has completed his diploma of remedial massage therapy, he now wishes to simply focus on teaching yoga, meditation, and yoga lifestyle – a natural way of life.


Nancy Maset 

When I first stepped into a yoga class it was just few months after I arrived in Australia… Picture in your mind someone who has never done yoga in their life and doesn’t feel very confident in their English and now imagine their face when the teacher instructed the class to engage into headstand …. Well, I felt lost! But I’ve learnt that step by step, with constant practice and a bit of patience, I could get there … and eventually I did! 

This is one of the greatest lessons that yoga has taught me: listen to our body, connecting with our breath and our mind, to become more aware of our physical needs hence more balanced on the emotional and mental level. This is why in my classes I like to create a relaxed environment where people can feel confident to explore their breath and movements, with a dash of vitality and warmth which leave your body restored and your mind refreshed.


Tammy Shemesh

Tammy is a registered 500hr Yoga teacher and Prenatal Yoga teacher specialising in yoga for healthy body image and disordered eating. Tammy has been practising yoga for 18 years and has been teaching since 2007 in London, Los Angeles, Barcelona and Sydney.  

Her teaching is grounded in the Dynamic Yoga Training Method, developed by Godfrey Devereux, with an emphasis on what you can feel rather than what you can do. Tammy’s classes can be described as meditation in motion, she aims to give students the opportunity to rediscover the inherent wisdom inside their own bodies, exploring sensitivity, honesty, compassion and trust. Her teaching is thorough, clear and to the point, at the same time being supportive, gentle and insightful.

Tammy is also a certified Eating Psychology Coach and currently studying The Body Talk System.