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“Love is how it feels to recognize our essential unity.  Awakening to oneness is the experience of Big Love. Knowing you are one with all, you find yourself in love with all.”

Timothy Freke 

Romina is dedicated to her charity work for those managing cancer.  Since the last three years Romina has been inspired by women managing cancer, as she has shared yoga and meditation to assist them along their journey, she has seen the immense transformation for them through the art of meditation.  

Romina and her creative business partner Angie co-founded Ladies in Pink two years ago – an annual event committed to raising awareness and money for breast cancer to support those most in need.  Here is the link from this years event which raised over $8 000.00 for Love your Sister.  An outstanding effort.  


Romina & Angie

‘I have been to many fundraisers and this is the only one which was consistent in its values from the food to the conversation.  You could feel the love from the moment you stepped into the room.’ said Petrea King, a guest speaker from this years event.  

Romina is also committed to Meditation being available for everybody.  She offers community classes by donation or at no cost for those in need.  Romina supports the community initiative OMM – One_Minute_Meditation designed to bring you into your state of presence.  

One Minute Meditation (OMM) makes the world of difference.

 In just one minute you can quieten your over-active mind and body and achieve a sense of peace through being present and grounded.

It doesn’t matter where you are – if you need some OMM – shut down your technology, settle yourself down (find a park bench, quiet corner or a grassy verge) and take one minute to just be.

 Mobile device on ‘aeroplane mode’ 

 You can do it alone, with someone else, or with a group – whatever way your choice – acknowledge the power of OMM and commit to spending a minute to close your eyes, ease your breath and connect.

 During your minute you may wish to acknowledge the person you are meditating with (if you are), you may wish to focus on the love you have for another person, or on a quality you admire in another person or an insight they have shared with you.

 Once your intention to be for One Minute is selected place your ‘timer’ on 1 Minute.

 Press start and feel the benefits of taking One Minute of your day to connect to your presence.

 Whatever your choice, spend your OMM, focusing on this one intention and enjoy the sense of quiet and serenity that comes.

 OMM……Spread the word.

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