Inhale India Retreat 2021

Let’s journey into the heart of the Motherland.

Join me on an Indian safari and yogic adventure whilst immersed in nature’s gifts at Pench National Reserve Park.  When I was living and teaching yoga in Nagpur, India – Pench is where I would go to retreat and get some time out of the hustle and bustle of the very populated cities in India.  I am grateful to have the opportunity to share this place with my friends, students and anyone ready to explore India.

This Yoga and Meditation retreat is one rich in culture, nature and traditional practices not to mention all-important time for you.  It is designed especially for you to get exactly what you need no matter your level of yoga experience – you may want to deepen your knowledge and practice in yoga and meditation while having time to reflect on your year and set new year aspirations or it might be time for you to write while getting daily yoga and meditation practice or having all the above plus the wonder of the safari tiger reserve.  Whatever your reason to retreat know we have got you covered.  

Dive into daily yoga, meditation and learn the ancient practices of Ayurveda as well as pampering yourself with daily Ayurvedic spa treatments, if you choose.  You will have downtime, safari time and certainly a good time.  The luxury accommodation will give you the comforts you are used to while being in the beauty of this raw natural jungle setting.

We will also take time to explore the local village, school and a day of photography with local experts, all optional if you choose.  The school visit was a star favourite from Jan’s 2015 retreat.

Pench is a fascinating place to safari – you will enrich your appreciation and knowledge of the tiger reserve and enjoy its flourishing flora and fauna.  Just seeing the native animals roam freely is an amazingly memorable experience.  The birds are most fascinating and if we are quiet enough we will sight the new tiger cubs!

The local history and experience will move and inspire you.  This is a great way to begin your journey to India, especially if it is your first time to India.

Without a doubt this retreat provides a great way to discover India, whether it is your first time or not.  Starting in Pench you will appreciate the natural gifts of India while the main city, Nagpur is conveniently placed in the absolute centre of India, you are near any further travel throughout India.

The Spirit of India has always connected me so deeply to this sacred land, the people, the culture and there is no doubt about it – while on this retreat  you will discover more than yourself in India!

Let your journey of self discovery and India begin now.

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