Private Yoga Therapy Classes


Private Yoga Sessions – There is a minimum 6 week commitment, unless prior arrangements are made.  All private sessions are assessed with a 30 min FREE consultation prior to accepting any private student.  These sessions are tailored to each individual through the science of Yoga, Meditation and Ayurveda.

Romina will guide you step by step through your ‘Desire Map’ program to ensure your goals are achieved.  In these sessions you will transform your body, mind and life. Yes this is not just a personal transformation in Yoga but in all areas of your life.

These sessions are designed to integrate into your daily life, this is not a ‘feel good’ session to tick a box but a personal transformation which will have you achieve your personal and business goals.  Of course you will feel good from the session but more importantly so you will be invigorated and empowered by your daily choices.

Be prepared to not remain the same.

Romina specialises in yoga therapy, trauma, drug & alcohol rehabilitation, professional athletes, yoga teachers and students wanting to deepen their practice on and off the mat and people wanting the privacy of their own tailored practice to heal.

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