Here is what was said from this years retreats, workshops and classes led by Romina:

‘Loved the experience, felt so relaxed and your voice is so peaceful.  Loved getting back into meditation and the relaxation state that I was in has lasted. Thank you’.  Vickey

‘Romina’s wealth of knowledge had me wanting more each time she spoke.  I have been practicing yoga for some time now and was pleasantly impressed with how effortlessly the retreat was executed.  Romina sure knows what she is doing.  I will certainly be back for more.’ Lisa

‘Romina, you are a beautiful soul and I’m very happy to have met you and have you in my life.  Thank you.  I’m feeling extremely grateful’. Daniella

‘Romina I am really inspired by your practice, by your calmness and beautiful sense of self.  Thank you for an inspiring day’. Tania

‘Thank you so much for a beautiful & peaceful day.  I just want to mention your smile, voice, the way you connect with people is just beautiful and inspiring’.  Cathy

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