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At Inhale Life, we believe in supporting you on your transformational journey and to be there with you every step of the way.

250 hr Teacher Training & Mentorship Program

Our 250hr Teacher Training & Mentorship program offers you a great opportunity to start you on the right path to teaching.  It has an included 20 hrs of mentorship to help you grow and learn as a new teacher, guided by principal teacher Romina and the senior teachers at Inhale Life. This program is the only one in Sydney that is offering a Mentorship with their training. We know firsthand that stepping out into the real world as a new teacher can feel like a daunting experience and we choose to guide you into becoming a powerful, confident and inspirational teacher every step of the way.

350 hr Teacher Training & Mentorship Program

If you are looking to deepen your skills and knowledge as a yoga teacher, our 350 hr Yoga Teacher Training will have you diving into a world of functional Anatomy & Physiology, hands on assisting, the business of yoga, wisdom through the history and philosophy of yoga including insights to The Sutras of Pantanjali and the origins of the Bhagavad Gita. Submerge yourself in this 350 hr training and be guided with our mentorship training to embody all that you have learnt during this time.


Inhale Life’s Yoga School is nestled in the hills of Horsley Park, Western Sydney. We are secluded from the city life and pride ourselves in tailoring to small group classes so that each student can embrace the most out of their yoga journey, on and off the mat.

These teacher trainings have been designed to offer you the best of traditional Hatha Yoga & Ashtanga Practices, Ayurvedic Methodology and a deep understanding of Anatomy & Physiology along with the history and context of yoga.

Be guided on a powerful journey of transformation, inspiration & confidence as you weave your way through the 250 hr or 350 hr programs.

Your life in yoga is beginning now.

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