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Swing to the Spring Beat  


Spring is a time of new beginnings… baby birds hatching, new life emerging, fresh flowers blooming with thousands of vivid colours that can’t help but make you smile so much it hurts your cheeks. It’s the time of year when Mother Nature really turns on a glorious show.  Do you feel the urge to strip bare and gaze toward the sun?

I love the feeling of the change in the breeze – still crisp mornings, but with a comforting warmth during the day that sings ‘Summer is coming’. The sun takes the edge off the past Winter’s winds.  The scent of new blossoms as I pass my favourite park.  I always stop for a few minutes to take several deep breaths and invite spring into my lungs. It really calms me and fills me with joy. And sweetest of all, is the quiet chirping of the hatchling birds, snuggling in their nest waiting for their mother to fly back with their meals.


I use this time to refresh and renew myself for the coming months. It’s about tuning into nature’s cycles and being at one with our natural state. I subtly feel the change in my body, on my skin, with the food I eat and with the extended light to spend outdoors.


This changing of the seasons is known as the Vernal Equinox, and it is the time of year where the sun is positioned above the equator day and night for about equal lengths of time, all over the world.


People have celebrated this for thousands of years and there have been many traditions and rituals around this event. Many are for the basic reason that food supplies will be replenished, but for me, honouring the Vernal Equinox is about giving myself the time, space and reflection to return to my natural state.

We are in fact, always in our natural state, but work, the different roles we play and the environment all can leave us feeling tired, drained and unclear as to where we are heading?  The Vernal Equinox is a time to tune in with nature’s natural cycle, practice yoga and learn how we can incorporate it into our daily routine – plus gain clarity about where we are soaring to this spring and summer?  Reminding us of what our motivation is to be in tune with nature and stay aligned with what moves, excites and inspires us moment to moment?


If like me, you feel the need to shed your winter coat, take some time to soak up the sun by a beautiful swimming pool, gaze to the open blue sky, cleanse, meditate and do yoga, you might enjoy my Vernal Equinox Retreat, which this year will be held in Jamberoo.

You’ll be able to cleanse your body with local organic produce, move your body and soul to this season’s yoga, meditate and reflect on what’s important to you and integrate this into your daily life.  You will ‘spring’ into summer with confidence, clarity and good health and wellness.


Our Shiatsu practitioner, Dominic Stone, will also be available for you to go even deeper into your cleanse. “The combination of Inhale Life Yoga and Healing Hands Ki Shiatsu is the perfect way to meet spring,” he says. “These are the ideal partners, as I support Romina’s work through waking the parasympathetic nervous system (the gentle healing part of the body), soothing aching muscles and activating the Kidney Meridian to support and revitalise.”


Our new location in Jamberoo also offers nature walks, calming farm setting and a stunning beach. We are so looking forward to nourishing, sharing and moving with you to celebrate this years Vernal Equinox.

To book your place on retreat email or register now Vernal Eq Retreat Registration Form 2015.pages

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Note: All photos are my own except photo’s from location at Jamberoo.

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